Pupil Resources

To ensure that children are still accessing learning should Essendine close, we have created year group webpages that will include learning for children to complete at home, along with other links to websites that children can use to access online content. 


On Wednesday 18th March work was posted for each year group in the below tabs. For most year groups we have set enough activities to last through the Easter holidays. However please check if you are in year 6 as more work has been added.

From Monday 20th April daily lessons will be set for each year group. It is really important that pupils carry out this work while the school is closed.

Teachers will not be able to mark this work, however, it will a great opportunity for parents and children to share and enjoy the learning together.




Year Groups

The majority of Pupil resources are available through DB Primary.  Essendine pupils are given a username and password to ensure the content is tailored to them.  The DB Primary platform hosts SAM learning, Purple Mash and Education City.  Click on the appropriate button below to login:






For Year 5/6 pupils, they can access First News iHub, which is the online version of the children's newspaper.  On this program, your child can read articles and answer comprehension questions to deepen their learning.  





As extra reading practise, children can also access a resource called Read Theory.  This website gives specific reading tasks to each child depending on their level.  This resource is to be used as well as weekly homework.





We also have an Essendine Lexia Learning portal which focuses on improving reading skills. Pupils are given a unique login and can access the site below:





Raintree is an online library of Childrens ebooks and can be accessed here:





Previous SATs Papers can be accessed here:





Finally, the LGFL learning content is accessible here: