Our Curriculum is designed to encourage all our children to be the best they can be.  We support and supplement the delivery of the national curriculum, by providing a bespoke enquiry led context for learning, which provides:


  • Meaningful links in learning following a theme based approach

  • Broad and balance coverage across a range of subjects

  • Purposeful experiences that bring learning alive through visits and visitors

  • Opportunities to respond to the needs and interests of our pupils

  • a local national, international dimension

  • a response to the continually evolving educational perspective


We intend our curriculum to develop the whole child by encouraging the attitudes for learning that are displayed through:


  • A resilience and resourcefulness in learning, where all children are confident to make mistakes and  try new approaches

  •  An active contribution in lessons, by posing questions, evaluating their findings and sharing resources, ideas and thoughts

  • Respect and consideration towards others and  the learning environment

  • Working happily and productively on their own, or with wider pupil groups


Through our school curriculum we prioritize the skills of:


  • Communication

  • Literacy

  • Numeracy  

  • Enquiry

  • Information Technology


We firmly believe that these skills and attitudes will equip our children for lifelong learning in the 21stcentury and prepare them to make a positive contribution to society.



  • English sessions will be delivered each morning to all children.

  • Discrete phonic sessions are taught each morning to children in YR and KS1

  • Discrete spelling, grammar and punctuation sessions are taught each day

  • Progression of skills within genres are taught over a 2 week period building from the reading into the writing process



  • Mathematics sessions will be delivered each morning to all children.

  • Mathematics sessions are taught across Years 4, 5 and 6 in ability groupings

  • Progression of skills within mathematics covers practical application and practice elements  



  •  A science session will be delivered every week for all children in KS1 and KS2

  • Science sessions have an emphasis on child led enquiry and investigation


Religious Education

  • We follow the Westminster SACRE scheme for Religious Education

  • RE is taught discretely



  • Mindfulness programme

  • Telling Tales

  • Assertive Mentoring