Covid-19 Information and Support

We know that you have all had a very difficult time over the last few months so we thought that we would share some resources and ideas to help you and your children They are in the form of Videos created by health professionals. There a quite a lot of them, so you can dip in and out according to the time you have available. If you are having a difficult time please let us know and we will be able to help.





1. Mental Health awareness -


03:28 Why should we talk about mental health

13:50 What is mental health

18:23 Stress

27:20 Stigma

35:05 How can I tell that someone is struggling

39:30 Further support


2. Self-care and relaxation techniques -


02:50 Five ways to wellbeing

07:30 Fundamentals of our wellbeing

20:05 Mindfulness

34:50 Further support


3. Understanding anxiety -


02:00 Anxiety statistics

03:30 What is anxiety?

07:17 When does anxiety become a problem?

12:10 What causes anxiety?

14:58 What can help?

16:10 How can I help my child with anxiety?

33:18 Further support


4.       Transition back to school and anxiety -


03:20 Common worries when transitioning back to school

07:00 What is anxiety and fight, flight and freeze response

10:10 Thought cycle

12:05 Coping on a firsts day at school

17:25 What can we do to help?

36:35 The Q&A ZOOM session is no longer applicable but for any questions please contact our Infoline on 07435 929882, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm


5. Understanding low mood -


01:25 Statistics around low mood and depression

04:48 What’s the difference between low mood and depression

14:56 Causes of low mood

23:17 How can I help my child who experiences low mood?

37:20 Where to get further support


6. Understanding child’s behaviour -


01:24 What causes behavioural difficulties

05:48 Providing attention to the desired behaviour

22:43 Decreasing attention to the misbehaviour

26:13 Structure and communication

44:09 Further support with difficult behaviour